Anastasia York29434

  • 1 heure
  • 250
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  • Âge – 27
  • Taille – 166
  • Poids – 62
Welcome to the world of Anastasia... the world of unforgettable moments, relaxation, tenderness and fondling. The place full of eroticism that you have never experienced. I am glorious, independent, always smiling, wholehearted and well mannered woman. Spending time with me is like meeting with a girl, which you met in the park, on the street or in a restaurant. Full of intimacy, touch and unconstrained smooches. The aim of our appointment is obvious. However everything depends on you - your way of being, respect and good behaviour... Whether or not the sparks appear, will affect the progress of our date and how close we can be. (Of course within reason. My and your health is the most important issue for me.) It is the date that you decide about its course. Would you like to go for a nobby dinner and get to know me better? No problem. Do you prefer a more intimate meeting - by candles, romantic music and champagne? I will invite you to me and prepare everything. Do you live in another city? I love to get to know new places and I will gladly come to you. Should I accompany you in a business appointment? Of course, you can count on me. Weekend trip? With pleasure. My offer is addressed to intelligent and cultural men. If I attracted your attention and you willingly get to know me and my world, I invite you to call or send an e-mail. (I do not answer a call from restricted number.) If I do not answer, please leave me a message or e-mail with information when and how I can contact you. To make an appointment, please contact me at least one day in advance. Sometimes it can be enough a few hours earlier. Everything depends on my private schedule. In case of the trip I need the information couple of days earlier to organize my time. I promise you that our date will be in a pleasant and carefree atmosphere. Making friends is not my main occupation and I meet only sometimes, so please contact me only if you are decided. You can also find me on instagram Twitter Kisses, Anastasia

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  • 2 heures 450
  • nuit entière no
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Anastasia York
girl biezanow-prokocim
  • 1 heure 300
  • 2 heures 500
  • nuit entière 1100
  • Âge 27
  • Taille 166
  • Poids 62
  • Bonnet 3
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